Andy was formerly Head of Security with Virgin Atlantic, where he was responsible for all aspects of the airline’s security programme, including Security Management Systems (SeMS) implementation and development. Prior to joining Virgin Atlantic, he was UK Security Manager and Lead Threat Assessor with DHL.

Andy has a law enforcement and intelligence background, with previous service with UK Customs, British Transport Police, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the National Drugs Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic. Andy has been commended by the Metropolitan Police for demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and providing an exceptional level of service during a period of heightened threat against civil aviation interests.

Andy is a Registered Independent Security Consultant with the Association of Security Consultants and member of the Advisory Boards of UK Security Expo and International Airport Review. He also sits on the Editorial Panel of Aviation Security International magazine and holds full membership of the Emergency Planning Society.

Andy is a subject matter expert on SeMS and a wide range of transport security matters. He is a regular speaker at international security conferences and events.