Ing. Tomáš Duša, Ph.D. has its background in air traffic management and aviation in general. He is involved in the space technology domain for more than 8 years, focused primarily on GNSS not only in aviation but other transport modes and markets. His Ph.D. research was focused on GNSS RFI detection and mitigation. He has a well proven knowledge and experience in GNSS and GNSS RFI detection and mitigation and consultancy in this domain. He has an experience in project management, project proposals preparations. As a certified IPMA project manager he has participated in preparation and leading of various scale projects, various size of cross functional and cross technology projects in various programes and schemes (e.g. Horizon2020, Natioanal technology agency, National governmental programs, GSA, and ESA). He is now working for GNSS Centre of Excellence, beforehand for Astrium CZ. He is member of the EUROCONTROL´s RNAV implementation Support Group and GSA´s RAW measurements Task Force and mentor and specialised technical adviser for space and GNSS domain in ESA BIC Prague.